The Ford Falcon Engine

The Ford Motor Company produced two types of engines for the Falcon, the basic and the enhanced. The upgraded version was called the “Thriftpower six” and had a higher output than the base 157 kW SOHC Intech engine. Both versions were equipped with variable cam timing and a unit-construction body. In addition to the standard versions, the enhanced variants also had a DOHC oxidizer system. Despite this, the original version of the Falcon engine was still a good choice for many consumers.

Fast-track Your The Ford Falcon Engine

falcon engine

The 1/72 kit of the Falcon was the most popular model and had an advanced engine. The redesigned 1/72 version of the engine was available in three different colors. It had a reversible hood, and a unique, oval-shaped air intake for the fuel. It was also equipped with a powerful 1.6-liter turbo-diesel engine. The redesigned 1.6-liter Ford V8 was also made available.

The upgraded Falcon is powered by the Merlin 1D turbo-satellite engine. This new re-engineered version has dual redundant pyrophoric igniters. Both of them have a large fuel tank. This re-engineered version of the original has a 6-speed automatic transmission. The improved performance of the original model made the upgraded Falcon 9 an excellent option for many consumers. The upgrade of the FG and BA Falcon is expected to be more successful.