Childcare Centres in Morayfield Queensland

Early Childhood Centre is a reasonably new childcare morayfield, which caters for the children and parents coming from all walks of life. The centre, which was launched in June 2021, has an award winning preschool. The preschool is open daily from 6am to 6PM, Monday to Saturday. It offers care for small kids from 6 months to 12 years, inclusive of after school hours.

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childcare centre in morayfield


The name of the centre has been inspired by the popular cartoon character “The Digger”, which goes by many different names throughout Australia. The early childhood centre was started in response to the need for an affordable early childhood education program for Morayfield and surrounding areas. It aims to provide quality educational opportunities for little Diggers while at the same time providing a fun and safe environment for the kids. The centre has also created a relationship with the local district general store “Bucks” for local parents to shop for curriculum and educational toys for their kids.


452 The centre’s goal is to offer a fun learning environment, thereby training and educating the kids, whilst providing them with social interaction. All the care centres offer a complete array of free child care activities, including swimming, arts and crafts, games, music and dance, as well as classes for those that are interested in subjects like art, science and maths. At the end of the day, the kids can just relax at the centre and enjoy some good quality time with their family. The centres are run by a team of dedicated professionals. Amongst these are teachers, managers and volunteers.


The centre offers two different types of preschools. One is the Early Childhood Learning Centre. This centre is designed to help kids from birth to the mid-twenties, and it includes a range of learning experiences, such as art and craft, music and movement, cooking and cleaning, science and nature. Meanwhile, the second type of centre at the morayfield early childhood centre, is a Preschool.

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