Ena Pelly

ena pelly

Founded by husband and wife duo, Danielle Pelly and Timothy Wilkins in 2021, the Australian Women’s Womenswear company Ena Pelly embraces a simple yet trendy cool with minimalism design. Using a forward-looking approach to make a more eco-friendly fashion, Ena Pelly presents a clean cut with an organic feel that is made famous by Australian street artist, Banksy. This brand stands for simplicity and originality combined. It is a one of a kind womens wear company that focuses on creating revolutionary designs using recycled materials. Ena Pelly also manufactures a number of accessories such as, mugs, bags and other sundries using sustainable and fair trade products. With an eco-friendly attitude, Ena Pelly recycles material that would otherwise have gone to waste, thus helping to save the environment.

Effortlessly Cool

Aiming to make something for every woman, Ena Pelly designs a collection of fashionable and trendy ensembles that are designed to make you look beautiful and feel confident. The contemporary aesthetic presented by Ena Pelly is something unique and something that you will not find in any other womens wear company. With an effortless cool and refreshing sense of freshness, this Australian brand offers you a range of ensembles, which encompass shirts, blouses, jackets, skirts, shorts, leggings, jeans, dresses, swimwear and much more.

The effortless cool and the refreshing sense of freshness are present in each of the ensembles offered by Ena Pelly. The collection presented by the company can suit various types of personalities. In case you are the creative type, you can choose from the trendy tees offered by Ena Pelly, while others may prefer the effortless look and feel of the denim shorts by Ena Pelly. The hip hop and rap stylist can team up the slim cuts with oversized patches that bear logos and pictures of famous artists. While the classic style ladies may prefer the soft styles and shades of tees available from Ena Pelly. So go ahead and get the contemporary look with the effortless cool that is offered by Ena Pelly.

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