How to Get Yourself an Athletic Jump Pit For Track and Field

Athletics Pit Company, The long jump has always been a difficult event to judge in football, track and field, and even in cricket. In cricket, the speed of the ball can be predicted but it is not so in track and field as the bounce depends on the track and the condition of the ground. The long jump event has always fascinated cricket fans and the fact that the sprinters have been able to do the long jump with high speeds in the ’80s is mind-blowing. There have been a lot of attempts made to measure the speed and jump height but till now it has not been possible to determine the exact technique used by sprinters in the event. There are many theories that have been postulated about the mechanics of the event but still, no perfect solution has been found for this most difficult event. One thing for sure is that the sprinters are getting fitter and stronger all the time to face the competition around them.

Long Jump Pit – CJ Sports.

In the UK the Athletic Stadium is where the long jump events are held and there are two pit facilities available. The first one is located at Oldbridge and the other at Stainmore. The track is mainly used for athletics and the track has a high vertical jump due to the short distance. The second pit is closer to the athletics stadium and is used for track events only. The track is also used for polo and for cross-country skiing.

There are some very experienced teams that run track events and they use both the pits for training. Sometimes they may even use only one pit and then call it a day as the day is never complete without a high-jumping event at the track. There are a number of very experienced jump pit companies in the UK and most of them take care of the athletes and provide them with the required equipment. They offer all kinds of assistance to their clients such as track maintenance, jump pit rental, pit crew training.

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